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Starts the new school year 2012-2013



Today on 03.09.2012 started the new school year in all the central and peripheral schools of the municipality of Bogovinje without any particular problem, while in the P.S. “Liria” Zherovjan  still continue the works for renovating the school object, which works don’t make any obstacle to start the lessons and they are envisaged to finish in a short period of time.

The Leadership of the municipality of Bogovinje congradulated to all the Directors, teachers and students the new school year 2012-2013, wishing them good work and success during the lessons.

Continue activities in school infrastructure in municipality of Bogovinje


DSC00146Started the activities about reconstruction, installation of central heating, installation of electrical energy and inner plastering of the school object in “Liria”-Zherovjane-municpality of Bogovinje.

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Was appointed charge d’Affaires for Director in the p.s. “Sami Frasheri”-Pirok



After finishing the mandate of the Director of the p.s. “Sami Frasheri”-Pirok, today (19.07.2012) in the cabinet of the Mayor of the municipality of Bogovinje Mr. Hazbi Idrizi was appointed the charge d’Affaires for Director of the school Ms. Jetmire Osmani.

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Peripherial primary school "Dervish Cara"-Kallnik equipped with inventory



On 21.06.2012 the peripherial primary school "Dervish Cara"-Kallnik equipped with inventory for 4(four) classrooms(tables for students and teachers, chairs etc.)

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Aktvendim për vlerësim strategjik të mjedisit jetësor për P.U  f.Zherovjan Blok.7 P.N.7.1.kk


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